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Fresh Delicious Smoked Meat

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Our Story

Smokedbeta is an online restaurant that enables customers order freshly smoked meat (poultry, fish , ram & goat) same day within Lagos state.

Smoked, Seasoned, And Served To Perfection
Serving to absolute perfection is SmokedBeta, Lagos very own connoisseurs of smoked and grilled goodies. We serve luscious firewood smoked delicacies in a cloud kitchen that hit all the right notes. By serving guinea fowl, chicken, turkey, ram, goat meat, fish, and fries (potato, sweet potato, and plantain), every bite will take your senses on a tantalizing journey.

Breathe In The Aromas, Breathe Out Happiness
To call our smoked delicacies, mouth-watering would be an understatement. Every item on our menu is curated, keeping in mind the intricacies that come with smoking food. Made fresh every single day, we smoke your meal for 3-5 hours and deliver it the same day. The effort and time show in the food, making it aromatic, delectable, and extremely satisfying.

An Experience Of A Lifetime
Life’s too short to say no to great food. However, we don’t just serve great food; we curate a culinary experience that is always worth it. We take pride in whipping up some delicious flavors that warm your heart with every bite by constantly improving and improvising our recipes, procedures, and processes.

Bite Into Flavors That Feel Like Home
We follow a no-fuss model, where we don’t complicate our dishes unnecessarily. Keeping it hearty, wholesome, and close to home, every bite oozes of our in-house unique spice-blend mix, BBQ sauces, and dips. Trust us when we say that SmokedBeta is always worth it. Bite Into Smoked Goodness Now!


All goods ordered online are delivered to your door step within the chosen delivery day (Monday - Saturday).
Note: Orders after 3pm are processed next working day


We are always available to engage our customers by deploying digital channels through live chat and social handles.
Help line: +234 802 888 1112



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